Doe Deere: The Color Goddess

Doe Deere may not be a household name, but she is an internet sensation. Although she has caused an uproar for many years and for many reasons, she has also built an online cosmetic empire. She has been called a fake and a poser for putting her own twist on other people’s designs, but what designer hasn’t seen something another designer did and borrowed aspects of it while adding their own unique flair?
Doe Deere was a Russian mail order bride who moved to the United States in 1999. While she has faced some failures and ridicule, she has turned her world around with her over the top cosmetic line. Doe has been called a scam artist by several people and has been bashed on some blogs, but she didn’t let it stop her. She has been accused of making derogatory posts about herself on some of the blogs that bash her. She answered her haters by telling them that if they didn’t read it on her blog, she didn’t write it. One blogger stated that it would be a horrible business decision for Doe to make such statements about her customers and they didn’t believe she would have ever done something like that.
Lime Crime was created by Doe Deere in 2008. Doe Deere put her skills at making money to work in a way that would take the e-commerce world by storm. Instead of staying in the mainstream, Doe decided to package her product in sparkly pink boxes decorated with unicorns. She also ventured outside the color norm with her extremely vibrant and attention grabbing colors. With color names like My Beautiful Rocket and Centrifuschia, her following has exploded. Lime Crime was created as an internet business and has remained a staple in the age of e-commerce. Her cosmetics are geared toward those who are daring, young, and young at heart. While her colorful creations are a bit unorthodox to some, there is always someone who is happy to push the boundaries and wear the bright colors. Just like any other fashion faux pas, there is always going to be someone who thinks it is atrocious and unladylike, but things still have a way of catching on. This is the same for Doe and Lime Crime cosmetics, there is a color that will suit any ethnicity and any shade. Doe Deere has emblazoned a new star in the e-commerce sky and those who are brave and bold enough to wear it are aiding Doe’s fight to prove that she belongs where she is.

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