Dr. David Samadi Discusses Pros and Cons of Prostate Surgery Vs. Radiation

Dr. David Samadi says that former Presidential candidate and Governor Mitt Romney is doing well. Mitt Romney disclosed that he underwent prostate surgery for a tumor that was slowly growing in his prostate. It is likely that this announcement is a result of his intentions to run for the Senate in Utah when the current Senator, Orrin Hatch, retires.

Prostate cancer is not unusual. In fact, it occurs in well over one hundred thousand men every year. Most of the people with prostate cancer are older than sixty five years old. It rarely occurs in men who are younger than forty years old.

According to Dr. David Samadi, there are two ways to treat prostate cancer. The first is by radiation. That is the older method. However, the newer method is by conducting surgery. Mitt Romney is not the only famous politician who has had prostate cancer, and he is not the only famous politician who has had it treated through surgery as opposed to radiation. Colin Powell has also had prostate surgery, and so has John Kerry.

Dr. David Samadi says that he always discusses the pros and cons of each method with David Samadi’s patients. Which kind of treatment they should receive really depends on their individual situation. He says that if the cancer is still localized and contained in the prostate gland, then surgery is usually a better option than radiation.

The truth is that prostate surgery is a lot safer than radiation. People who have surgery as opposed to radiation are much less likely to die from prostate cancer and much more likely to live longer. The fact is that radiation can have some side effects as well. Radiation can lead to more cancer developing. Even if the prostate cancer is cured, a secondary cancer may appear. Also, if the cancer has not yet spread, then there is an almost one hundred percent survival rate if the cancer is treated with prostate surgery.

Dr. David Samadi recommends that if you are suffering from prostate cancer, you should seem out a trained doctor who will be able to guide you when you make the decision whether to get surgery or radiation treatment.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He appears on television often to discuss medical issues.

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Dr. David Samadi Discusses Pros and Cons of Prostate Surgery Vs. Radiation

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