Dr. Mark McKenna: The Enterprising Entrepreneur

Looking at the portfolio that Dr. Mark McKenna has built over the years, it is no wonder he has become so successful. During his recent interview with Ideamensch.com, he answers some questions about that success. Currently, Dr. McKenna resides in Atlanta where he has launched his new medical company, OVME. OVME is just a recent venture in a string of very successful businesses for him. In addition to his entrepreneurial success, Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed physician in both Surgery and General Medicine in FL and GA. This is a level of expertise that he seems to bring to all his positions and a driving force behind his success.

Currently, Dr. McKenna has his sights set squarely on growing OVME. OVME is Dr. McKenna’s newest company and focuses on revitalizing the elective healthcare industry. He believes that the best way to bring his plans to fruition is by regularly setting goals and visualizing the end results. This gives him a chance to not only plan his next steps but to appreciate them. Dr. McKenna also cites that meaningful meditation, in conjunction with his natural motivation, has been a substantial factor in McKenna’s overall success. Taking the time to reconnect with himself has been a great way for him to foster his well-being.

When he is not developing a new business venture, Dr. Mark McKenna is a family man. He is a father to his daughter Milana and a husband to his wife Gianine. The family owns a spunky Pomeranian named Ryder, that is truly part of the family. Dr. McKenna is also sure to donate his time whenever possible and was part of the relief effort after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In this way, Dr. Mark McKenna is not just an enterprising entrepreneur but a heartbeat in his community. His positive attitude is sure to permeate the culture of OVME.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: The Enterprising Entrepreneur

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