Fabletics Grows Online and Offline

The fitness world is changing and leaps and bounds. There appears to be a gym on every corner and people are signing up for memberships at a very fast pace. In many cases, people will sign up for a New Year’s resolution, but they may never find themselves going back to the gym. There are others, however, that will be interested in attending the gym regularly and they will have a need for fitness clothing. This is where Kate Hudson and Fabletics come into play. For women this is the brand that has taken off as a very interesting fitness company.


Kate Hudson has tapped into a lot of her resources to redefine what it means to have a presence that is online and offline. This will be her most successful endeavor to compete with Amazon. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon, and he has absolutely no desire to take this company offline. This is because he knows that the profits that are gained through this company are not going to be found as easily if Amazon open physical stores. For Jeff the competitive advantage is actually found online.


Kate Hudson actually has a harder job than Jeff Bezos because she is trying to manage a company that has a online and offline present. She has a harder job than Jeff Bezos because she is trying to connect to a market for people online and also cater to the needs of people that do not shop online. Oddly, this gives her a competitive advantage over Jeff because it allows her to connect with two different customer groups.


Fabletics really has the ability to go far in the fitness clothing industry for women because Kate Hudson is innovative. She has taken it upon herself to protect the athleisure brand and give consumers something that is comfortable and durable for working out. She has also implemented the concept of the subscription service which is a further extension of what JustFab started with. Behind the scenes there are other cofounders of fabletics by the name of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They have been the ones that have come in and laid the ground work, and now Kate Hudson is the official face of this brand.


This is definitely one of those opportunities that Kate Hudson could not pass up. She had already seen the work of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler with their other companies, and she knew that there was a great opportunity for her to join in on the founding of Fabletics. She knew that this was a company that could thrive because there was already a concept that was working for other companies like JustFab. The subscription service is nothing new, but it is a new concept to the fitness world. It was a risk but Kate Hudson was willing to take this risk and it has allowed her to compete well against Amazon. Has the ability to bring more customers fitness gear with more physical subscription services.

Fabletics Grows Online and Offline

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