Founder and CEO Milan Kordestani Aims To Provide Honest Options For The Consumer

According to Milan Kordestani, founder and CEO of Milan Farms, the poultry industry in the United States is due for disruption and dramatic change. Milan Farms supports humane treatment of poultry, and is committed to offering the best quality products. Honesty, transparency and a simple supply chain evolving around the ‘farm to table’ concept defines the farm’s mission statement.

Milan believes in the power of choice by the consumer, and has built his business around providing options without the secrecy that surrounds the current consortium of industrial poultry farmers. Milan Farms offers 100% pure saffron, free range/organic eggs, and mint. With distribution on the west coast and across the world, his vision of the way food should be bought and consumed is spreading.

He also touts innovation in the field as key to growth. Realizing the tradition in saffron production, he seeks to create and encourage even better ways to raise livestock. His current research in drip irrigation, hydroponic, and aquaponic processes has already shown promise. Water based farming will benefit from experimentation in adjusting salinity and mineral content levels. Kordestani became the first farmer ever to grow saffron on microfiber sponges hydroponically.

Besides being a socially responsible entrepreneur, Milan is a nationally recognized equestrian. His renowned accomplishments include winning the first leg in the 2015 triple crown, placing fourth at the Worlds Championship Horse Show, winning a third place title at the American Royal. and placing second in the Five Gaited Show pleasure division for his age bracket.

The National Horseman Magazine has praised Milan’s extraordinary dedication to breaking down barriers, overcoming challenges, and winning blue ribbons. The Northern California American Saddlebred Horse Association quoted his graceful style and ability with his horse, CH His Supreme Reflection.

Kordestani is also a published Huffington Post writer, specializing in agriculture, politics, and mental health.

Founder and CEO Milan Kordestani Aims To Provide Honest Options For The Consumer

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