FreedomPop Should Be The Low-Cost Carrier Of Choice

Even though an unprecedented amount of people are using cell phones like never before, one would think that cell phone service providers would lower their prices as much as possible in order to bring in more customers. There might be a lot of people using cell phones, but there are many more people that still have yet to get their first cell phone, so there is a lot more business out there. Why is it that a cell phone carrier that has the power to lower their prices won’t do so? Many carriers want the most money they can get, even if it means losing customers.

Since low prices are not something that every cell phone carrier wants to give, FreedomPop has stepped into the position of giving low-cost cell phone service to those who want and need it. FreedomPop is available to many people around the globe, and those who need free cell phone service can obtain it directly from FreedomPop with 200 minutes of chat, 250 text messages, and 500 MB of data. The free service is used by many, but some feel the need for additional minutes, text messages, and data, so they may choose the unlimited $20 plan from FreedomPop.

The unlimited plan that FreedomPop is offering is amazing because it truly is unlimited in every way. With unlimited data, text messages, and phone calls, a person can use the service all day if they want to without ever paying another cent over the $20 that is charged monthly. FreedomPop’s service is excellent, the call quality is great, and a smartphone can be used with the service as well. Many are very particular about the phones they use, especially when they love to use phones like the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, and these phones are more than welcome on the FreedomPop network.

FreedomPop allows its users to bring a phone from their previous carrier as long as it can function on the FreedomPop network. FreedomPop also sells phones as well. It’s also good to know that FreedomPop functions under the Sprint network, so those that have Sprint phones or comparable ones can use it with FreedomPop. Although it may not be the easiest thing to make the switch to another cell phone carrier, the money that the customer will save by making the switch the FreedomPop is worth it. Choose FreedomPop because they have excellent services and great prices.

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FreedomPop Should Be The Low-Cost Carrier Of Choice

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