Getting Ready for a Life Line Screening

Many people are getting education on the preventative steps that they can take to pursue good health going forward. Approximately 9 out of 10 physicians will advise their patients to undergo a health screening. This is especially true if the patient has a known health condition like heart disease, stroke or diabetes. It is crucial for those patients that have a strong family history of specific potentially life threatening disease processes. An inclusive Life Line Screening can ease people’s worries about their own health status, or the health status of someone that they love. The risks for developing many of the tested for ailments increase after age 55.

It is no wonder that many patients avoid screening processes. The incredibly uncomfortable screening and test preparation instructions are hard to manage. When individuals sign up for an affordable and thorough Life Line Screening, they learn that hard or otherwise bothersome testing preparations are simply not necessary. Patients are told to eat a light meal that doesn’t include unwanted fat, grease, high sugar or heavy feeling ingredients. A healthy meal taken just four hours in front of the testing time is all the preparation needed. Moderate amounts of clear liquids like tea or water can be ingested during the fast. Even a few sips of coffee are allowed.

Anyone wanting more information can visit this healthcare organization’s detailed and easy-to-navigate webpage. Some of the most common tests taken include heart issues, lung problems, AAA, blood clots in lower legs, diabetes, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, circulation conditions, endocrine abnormalities like hyper and hypo active thyroid gland and more. Those with any family history of cancer should have this screen performed. The sensitive hospital grade equipment can pick up health conditions sometimes faster than a physical exam. Blood tests are also completed during the scheduled Life Line Screening appointment.

The blood work is taken from a small finger stick that most people don’t mind. Ultrasounds can detect many health problems without any invasive methods. People will get their results back through the mail service within around 2-3 weeks. Blood work results are immediately available. Contact Life Line Screening today.

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Getting Ready for a Life Line Screening

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