Handy Home Cleaning Becomes The Online Cleaning Market Leader

Although Handy Home Cleaning Services have been growing fast over the past few years, their success triggered a lot of competition in their industry, creating a dogfight for the position of industry leader. In what is good news for stakeholders in their business, another major competitor exited the market place a few months ago, allowing Handy Home Cleaning Services to retain the top spot.

A Long, Three Year Climb

Although Handy Home Services is a young company, the amount of work their founders and employees put in so that they could serve and expand with growing demand is a textbook case of process triumphing over uncertainty. The founders of Handy on slate initially spent a significant amount of time testing the cleaning market by working as cleaners before they went back and put the online service together. Once they started, they were able to grow demand so quickly that they reportedly now have over 10,000 calls a week. Along the way, the company has greatly expanded the number of contractors that it works with in a growing number of cities around the world.

How The Service Works

The goal for the founders of Handy Home Cleaning Services was to create an application that could be used on mobile platforms that would allow customers to book a cleaning in a very small number of steps. They therefore went to work on a mobile application that was precise, yet easy to use. Customers merely enter a small number of details about themselves in addition to providing an estimate of how large the cleaning job that they need is. After they submit this information, they will receive back a price estimate and a list of qualified workers that are available. One of the hallmarks of Handy Home Cleaning Services is that they only hire cleaners that are experienced and who have passed rigorous background checks. This makes selecting a cleaner safe and comfortable for the clients that use their application.

Why The Service Is Growing

With Handy Home Cleaning Services, it is often said that the contractor recruitment process pleases both the contractor and the client, making for happier workers creating a better service for the customer. In addition to being thorough when they are hiring someone, they also pay what is considered a fair wage and offer performance-based pay incentive that allows cleaners that excel to make as much as five dollars more an hour.

Another reason that their service is growing is the fact that the cleaning market is becoming aware that there is an “Uber-like” option available out there for people who want a no-hassle way to find a cleaner in a hurry. Earlier this year, Handy Home Cleaning Services was able to surpass one million overall orders, making it a very viable platform going forward. Moreover, one difference between their service and a company like Uber is that with some visible venture-backed failures among its competitors, there is really no one competing service left to challenge Handy Home Cleaning Services for global dominance. With rivals temporarily forced to prove themselves in the market before they are given money to grow, it means that the company will have ample time to continue to expand unimpeded, bringing investors a lot of return if the build out is properly executed.

Handy Home Cleaning Becomes The Online Cleaning Market Leader

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