How Does ClassDojo Benefit Students, Teachers, and Parents?

ClassDojo is a San Francisco startup company that was founded in 2011. The company developed a smartphone application that aims to make the communication between teachers, parents and students possible during the school and non-school days. Through the communication platform, students are able to discuss issues disturbing them. Teacher and parents can discuss and come up with a way of solving the student’s problems. The app aims at improving students’ performance at school. ClassDojo app helps students to develop social, and emotion skills, and this can positively impact their performance in education and co-curricular activities.


With the application, teachers can easily share pictures videos and other relevant media content to parents to show them their students’ performance at school. The platform helps to create a community of teacher’s students and parents and together solving problems can be easy. The application has been in the market since 2011, and it has reached millions of user across the world. The app is currently being used in 2/3 schools across the United States. It is estimated that over 85000 schools in the US are using the app. ClassDojo is also being used in other countries apart from the United States.


ClassDojo application has helped to create a community of learners’ teachers and parents. Over the platform, sharing of ideas is easy. Students can also access notes from teachers whenever they are not a school. Class Dojo managing director Dave Paunesku said that they were excited to see how the app has grown and by the numbers of schools and parents using the app. More teachers are willing to adopt the application, and they are pleased with how the app works. The app has also helped to involve parents in their kids’ education.


ClassDojo application also has a transaction feature, which will allow parents to make payment for the school fees and other miscellaneous payments through the platform. The application is aiming to generate revenue from premium features like selling of yearbooks and others. According to Liam Don the Chief Executive Officer of the company, ClassDojo is so concerned with the privacy of the app users, and they won’t sell or share user’s data in the name of revenue generation. The company has raised over $21 million, which will be allocated to app development and market the app to ensure it reaches more schools across the United States and in other countries.


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How Does ClassDojo Benefit Students, Teachers, and Parents?

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