How Jennifer Walden Balances Working at her Clinic and being a Mom

There was a time when it was a common stereotype that women who chase massive success in their careers end up with imbalanced personal life. This has not been the case for Jennifer Walden. Jennifer is a modern day career woman in every sense of the word. Despite being named one of the top 24 surgeons in the country by Harper’s Bazaar US, Jennifer has managed to maintain the perfect work and life balance and is currently the most sought-after plastic surgeon in Texas.

Her passion for cosmetic surgery started when she was a young girl. When she finished medical school, she looked for an internship with some of the best surgeons in the entire Manhattan region. This is where she started her first plastic surgery clinic. The excellent work that she did here got her many awards. She served the Manhattan community for a number of years before deciding that she wanted to start a family. When she started her own family, Jennifer realized that she needed to be close to her family so they could be her support system in the new phase of her life, motherhood. This is the reason she decided that she wanted to take her family back to Texas. To know more about her click here.

When she settled in back in Texas, her first thought was to restart her practice as a surgeon. She set up an even bigger clinic than the one she had been managing in Manhattan. The people who have received treatment at her center say that she is one of the kindest and most pleasant people to work with. She serves on the Plastic Surgeons Board and supports many other for-profit and non-profit ventures.

Jennifer is a mother to a set of the most adorable twins. She has managed to create the perfect work and life balance which helps her achieve her goals and at the same time, set an example that everyone strives to emulate.

How Jennifer Walden Balances Working at her Clinic and being a Mom

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