How Kirk Cousins Used Neurocore Brain Performance Centers for Success

The brain plays a powerful role in athletic performance, and Dr. Tim Royer from Neurocore has plenty of evidence. When he worked with Kirk Cousins, a football player for Michigan State, he discovered that through the use of his program, athletic performance was without a doubt linked to the activity in the brain. Regardless of the challenges someone faces with concentration or otherwise, everyone will have room for opportunity to improve upon their brain function. This is why Neurocore exists. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Dr. Tim Royer was thrilled when Cousins was a second round draft pick in the NFL in 2012. Although not every game was up to par, he certainly realized that his new opportunity for brain training was to aid him in remaining calm even when things get tough. Ultimately, Cousins began to face dealing with defeat, and because his mind wasn’t equipped to deal with it in a straight-forward fashion, he found that it just put him deeper into a mental hole. Read more about Neurocore at

It wasn’t long after that Cousins began to work with Dr. Tim Royer on an intense training plan for his brain. It was most likely a combination of visualization technique, along with seeing himself get into the zone where everything clicked. Cousins began to figure out that training the subconscious, and getting his brain to a state of relaxation was ideal for him to perform at his optimal level. Additionally, this also combined his ability to think with muscle memory, and getting the two to work together.


A simple assessment helped Dr. Royer figure out why this was happening, and the assessment showed that Cousin’s brain was always in a state of overdrive. Thinking about everything over and over, and panic would take over. Getting him to come to a state of balance would be the ideal way to perform at his very best, and it was all due to the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Royer with Neurocore Brain Training.

How Kirk Cousins Used Neurocore Brain Performance Centers for Success

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