How MB2 Dental is Transforming Dental Industry in the US

MB2 Dental is a well-established private firm that provides dental management and practices development services to their affiliated dental service providers in six states in the US. The company was established in 2009 by a former dentist, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva.

Dr. Chris created MB2 dental following the challenges he experienced during his tenure as a dentist both in sole proprietorship and in partnership business models. His aim was to offer dental management services to dentists so that they can concentrate on providing quality services to their customer. Corporation Wiki has it that MB2 Dental Solutions provides a broad range of services to over 60 affiliated dental practice offices in the US.

Some of these services include:

MB2 Dental Services

  1. Dental Practice Human Resource Management Services: Human resource services are aimed at providing a conducive working environment that promotes employees growth, welfare, and motivation so as to maximize employees performance and achieve business objectives. MB2 Dental provides comprehensive HRM solutions such as employee recruitment, labor relations, compensation, employee development, employee safety and security among others.
  1. Accounting and Finance: MB2 Dental Finance division provides accounting software and personnel who prepare financial records keeping them safe from unauthorized individuals. Also, MB2 works with certified accountants who handle tax returns and report services to relevant government bodies on behalf of their clients.

iii. Dental Practice IT Systems: Technology has become a key determinant on whether an organization will succeed or not. To an ICT expert, technology in a dental office may appear simple, but to a person who does not have much knowledge about I.C.T facilities required in such as an organization may be quite challenging.

According to White Pages, MB2 Dental has a team of ICT professionals who relieve their affiliates the burden of acquisition, installation, maintenance, and upgrading of information system.

  1. Procurement Services: MB2 dental procurement team has established relations with some of the recognized suppliers of dental equipment in the market. Their affiliates are guaranteed quality products, timely delivery while also saving on the cost.

MB2 Leadership

MB2 leadership team is led by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who is its founder and CEO. He is a dentist by profession with several years of experience.

Chris had served as an associate dentist, associate dentist trainer and mentor before establishing MB2 Dental. Dr. Chris work hand in hand with other top officials who include Justin Puckett who serves as the current president. Puckett has a vast experience in dentistry.

He has worked for several dental institutions serving in different leadership positions. Notably, he served as the transactional attorney at Andrews Kurth firm.

Other leaders include Justin Carroll, chief operations officer; Mark Fuller, chief financial officer; Martha Alikamec, chief revenue officer among other.

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How MB2 Dental is Transforming Dental Industry in the US

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