How Organo Gold Delivers A Healthy Cup Of Coffee

The Annals of Internal Medicine has published two new studies that confirm what earlier studies have said, namely that drinking coffee reduces the chances of dying from a number of diseases. One of these studies had 185,000 participants across the United States. The results of the study showed that whether or not the coffee had caffeine or had been decaffeinated made no difference. The diseases they saw a reduction in for coffee drinkers included diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and the odds of having a stroke. The lead author of the study was Veronica Setiawan who works at the Keck School of Medicine as an associate professor. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

The other study they published was conducted in Europe. It had 520,000 participants and, similarly, it showed that drinking several cups of coffee each day helped lower the risk of an early death. While the study didn’t pin down exactly why this was the case the study seems to indicate that coffee contains something that is quite healthy.


Adding onto whatever is in coffee that is so healthy, Organo Gold is a company that also includes Ganoderma in their coffees and teas, which is a mushroom that has long been expected to have health properties itself. They offer several varieties of coffees and teas which are sure to appeal to fans of these beverages. Additionally, they offer personal care and body management products which also contain Ganoderma.

Organo Gold is an award-winning company that is based in Richmond, British Columbia just outside of Vancouver. Its products are sold in several nations by direct selling distributors. They are given access to free samples to hand out to potential customers and individual products to sell. Additionally, they can set up automated shipping options for their customers when they sign them up for the Preferred Customers Program. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

How Organo Gold Delivers A Healthy Cup Of Coffee

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