Hussain Sajwani: Chairman of DAMAC Properties and Successful Business Mogul

It is 2018, and the Dubai real estate industry is expected to experience a trajectory report following a melt up. With that said, investors are delving into the real estate market with the question of who should be looked up at in terms of a role model. Hussain Sajwani is a prominent brand that continues to spread over the market. A dedicated real estate investor, entrepreneur, billionaire and now, a philanthropist, he has shaped his name in ways that cannot go unnoticed. Here is a narration of who he is, his early life and successful career in food catering and real estate.


Background Information on His Early Life

Humble parents raised Hussain Sajwani. His father dedicated his time to help him become a responsible business professional even as a teenager. Working in his father’s shop, he was keen on mastering the business model besides assisting clients to shop for the products they needed. In his capacity as the manager of the shop, he honed his leadership skills.


Learning through His Father’s Teachings

At some point, his father would have wanted him to stick around the family business and man it eventually. However, Sajwani was more absorbed into his interests that encompassed businesses. He, therefore, pursued medicine from Baghdad; a course he never completed because he developed an interest in economics as well as engineering. To succeed in the two disciplines, the DAMAC owner joined the Washington University. He passed with high-class honors then delved into the employment industry.


Work Experience

For his first work experience, the DAMAC owner worked at GASCO. This is a prominent oil company situated in Abu Dhabi. Working as a dedicated credit manager, he streamlined operations in the credit department.


Giving Life to DAMAC Properties

The DAMAC owner is known for cheerleading his real estate property in many ways. For starters, he teamed up with President Trump to venture into a golf course construction project. Other than that, he has established strong entrepreneurial networks with some of the recognized real estate firms in Dubai. The DAMAC owner dedicates part of his income to philanthropy because he cares about the well being of the less fortunate.

Hussain Sajwani: Chairman of DAMAC Properties and Successful Business Mogul

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