IAP Worldwide Services- Committed to Helping Customers Worldwide

For nearly six decades IAP (Ingenuity and Purpose) has been a leading international services company making a monumental impact. IAP serves the United States and other international government agencies by providing them with a variety of services and solutions. IAP Worldwide Services specializes in giving program management along with strong solutions to meet the wide range of needs and challenges their customers have. IAP has offices across the world including more than 100 locations in 20 countries worldwide.

The mission of IAP Worldwide Services is quite simple. They are seeking to solve their clients most challenging problems using the best in technology, expertise, and resourcefulness. When a client comes on board with IAP, their goals become IAP’s. They work with a fierce determination to meet their needs. They have four clear areas that guide them to this ability: focus, agility, capabilities and commitment. IAP also has a values charter which states some of the values of the company. They include: acting with integrity and humility, allowing themselves and others to be happy and successful and constantly pursuing growth and learning.

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Recently IAP announced that they acquired two major business units from DRS Technologies, Inc. They added DRS’s aviation and logistics business from Oklahoma City. They also added the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business from Maryland. Both of these additions were a major boost for a company that is already thriving. The additions will tremendously increase IAP’s ability to deliver to their customers across the globe. The move will more than double the size of IAP’s market.

Doug Kitani, CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. recently spoke about the growth of the company. “We established a strategy earlier this year based on organic growth through customer-focused discipline, lean operations, and innovation in our core government services segment, and inorganic growth realized by acquiring and integrating companies that complement our core business, ” Kitani said. He firmly believes bringing along these other companies is evidence of the support of investors furthermore shows their overall commitment to serving their customers.

Put simply, IAP is a worldwide company committed to giving their customers the very best. They value and welcome creativity, integrity, and celebrate the input of each individual within their company. This global company is dedicated to growth and success and will continue to impact for years to come.

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IAP Worldwide Services- Committed to Helping Customers Worldwide

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