Illinois based OSI Industries is a winner when it comes to their achievements, high ethics and quality for an American Food Company

As a best-in-class food company like OSI Industries, making big deals with international companies and purchasing key brands has helped propel OSI to the top of the American food industry. Once known as Otto & Sons Inc. — a family meat business founded in 1909, OSI Industries has become a 100 plus year-old food company with an estimated 6.1 billion dollar value today. OSI Industries has approximately 20,000 employees and some 65 additional facilities in 16 countries.

Their longtime CEO, Sheldon Lavin leads OSI Industries. Mr. Lavin joined Otto & Sons in 1970 based on a strong business rapport that the two parties had had initially. Sheldon Lavin’s initial work situation at Otto & Sons turned out to be a prosperous and successful decision.

OSI Industries has been given a plethora of awards and accolades for their high quality and standards as a company. A subsidiary company of OSI Industries was presented — in December 2016 — with the Globe of Honour award. The award, which is endowed by many companies on an annual basis that not only do business in the United Kingdom but also achieve a level of eminence concerning environmental safety. Keeping a high standard of excellence in areas of sustainability, employee inclusiveness and diversity, energy efficiency and food quality is what set OSI Industries apart from other American food companies.

In the European country of Spain, OSI Industries procured additional capital as part of their strategy to double OSI’s chicken processing volume. The implementation of this high volume production line in Toledo, Spain helped to boost OSI’s chicken production number from the 12 thousand ton level of chicken it was at initially, to the new 24 thousand ton level. Today, OSI Industries yields about 45 thousand tons of beef, chicken, and pork products, annually.

In June of 2016, OSI Industries bought the Tyson Food plant. The facility is situated in Chicago, Illinois. OSI procured the Tyson plant for 74 million dollars. At the time, OSI believed that the purchase would boost their long-term growth. This acquisition was a strategy to spur OSI’s production capacity.

OSI Industries and their subsidiaries offer opportunities for employment in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific markets.

On the OSI Industries’ website, the company affirms that they firmly believe in their employees to drive their success. OSI Industries is known for their innovation, commitment, and dedication to diverse and inclusive work staff.

OSI Industries info:

Illinois based OSI Industries is a winner when it comes to their achievements, high ethics and quality for an American Food Company

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