In Order To Live by: Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park has written a book on Amazon with Maryanne Vollers called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. In the book she recounts how sinister the North Korean government was and what she had to sacrifice to have her freedom. In the book, she says that had to go hungry and was told by people that the government’s leader could read her mind. Her father was put in jail and was beat to death. Her sister had went to China and so Yeonmi and her mother journeyed to China too. Two years later they made their way to South Korea. Yeonmi Park is a brave twenty one year old woman who is a human rights activist and a candid speaker on the horrible conditions of the North Korean government. In February, she had made blunt statements against a video that was telecasted. The video was about what happened to her father. The video said her father had died of cancer in North Korea and he hadn’t abandoned the North Korean government. She says her father had died in China. Yeonmi was only thirteen years old when her family escaped North Korea. In December last year, Yeonmi spoke to the U.S. State Department about her escape.With her and others who have spoken out about the terrible regime, there has been progress and pressure on the leader. There are 24 million people in North Korea who are on the poverty line that is compelled on them by the leader.


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