Information on Slyce

Slyce can be defined as a visual search product platform. It allows users to instantly and identify purchase items they have seen in the real world. This is simply done by taking a picture with their mobile phone. Slyce exists as both a white label solution and an independent consumer app which can be integrated in retailer technologies that are existence.

Marketing strategy
Originally formed as a consumer technology company, the company has pivoted to service a large B2B market. This is done while the consumer-focused element of the product is still in existence. Currently, the Slyce marketing drive is primarily centered around building relationships and partnerships with leading consumer brands. The Slyce technology is provided as a good m-commerce strategy. With this in mind, the brand marketing is mainly focused on strengthening, building and establishing relationships with other retail brands.

Market opportunity
Slyce makes a market opportunity that is undoubtedly immense. M-commerce by using smartphones has become a major flow of primary and revenue consideration for retailers. Mobile shopping was found to account for 39% of all online traffic during major holiday seasons.

By creating an intuitive and seamless way for consumers to purchase and discover the things they fall in love with. This is irrespective of their location. By snapping pictures, consumers can make the journey from impulse or want to ownership painless and simple.

For retailers, the technology from Slyce allows consumers to be there at that point of inspiration and fulfilling the client’s needs wherever they are. This is undoubtedly an attractive and compelling proposition.

At Slyce, they recognize that being good at visual search was not enough in the marketplace. They wanted to push the envelope further. Slyce found that it is very hard for users to purchase from discovery. The hard step is the specialty of Slyce. Whether it appears as an independent consumer app or as the technology that powers a retailer search, enabling purchases and finding users what they are searching for is what sets them apart.

Business model
Slyce mainly takes advantage of two dissimilar revenue streams in order to push their business forward. They play on each side of the business fence. They take both an enterprise solution and a consumer standpoint. Slyce works with enterprise clients by offering a purchase platform and a white label visual search for their ecommerce and mobile needs.

Current needs
The Slyce team is expanding. Their needs in the following several months are development and HR related. They are looking for people in Calgary and Toronto, specifically to work in their development team. Right now, they are looking for a professional database engineer. There are also looking for individuals with experience in machine learning and machine vision.

Information on Slyce

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