Innovation of New Business Ideas in Chicago

The development of business has been the centre stage towards the development of different economies in the world. Business provides a wide range of opportunities for people to invest. As such, many people have developed interest in investing in different types of business entities. This has led to the development of different economic hubs across the world. United States of America is one of the leading business and marketing hub in the world. As a result, many states within USA have adopted and taken the initiative of advancing business to the next level. As a result, many business and marketing personalities have invested a lot in the development of different types of business. Chicago is one of the leading state in the development of business and marketing opportunities in USA. This has led to emergence of professional business and market leaders who have taken the wide range of opportunities to expand their business base.
Majority of business personalities have invested in technological development which has facilitated the process of doing business. They have also increased production through employing trained and experienced professionals to maximize on the profit outcome. As a result, many citizens of Chicago are employed and earn good salaries with increased benefits from the business entities. Due to the continued hard work, they have been recognized by many international companies and received numerous awards.
Majeed Ekbal is one of the leading business and marketing personality in Chicago. He has been in the industry for the past 15 years in which he has scaled different organizations to reach greater goals. After graduating from the America University in Washington D.C, he embarked in investing in both digital and social marketing programs. He has a wide range of skills ranging from market training, communication, market strategy and integrated market research. This has continued to help him develop unique and more attracting result oriented businesses in Chicago.
Majeed Ekbal has worked with different organizations in Chicago. For instance, he worked with Razorfish which is a public relations and business development firm in Chicago. During his term at the company, he helped the company develop more sophisticated ways of delivering business ideas to the public thus increasing profit income. He later moved to Draftfcb which was a digital marketing company. Here, he spearheaded the development of different digital marketing platforms that were widely used by the companies to reach a wide number of clients. Majeed Ekbal has continued to provide exemplary leadership skills in every organization he has worked with.


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