Jeremy Goldstein, Wine And A Fancy Dinner Help New York’s Mentally Ill

Mental illness often goes unnoticed. It’s not like a disease or physical malady that can be noticed by others immediately. It bubbles under the surface until it breaks out to become a problem that infiltrates almost every aspect of life.


Those with mental illnesses often find it very difficult to hold a job down. Financial insecurity leads to stress which exacerbates the symptoms of mental illness. This accelerates the demise of personal relationships which adds even more stress. In the end, someone suffering from mental illness might even find it difficult to manage personal finances.


A staggering 85% of those suffering from mental illness are unemployed. Just over 30% of those suffering from mental illness graduate from school. These are incredibly alarming statistics which highlight the importance of treating mental illness as a public health crisis.


That’s why we need charitable organizations like the Fountain House. This New York City-based organization reaches out to those who suffer from mental illness. People receiving treatment from the Fountain House report a 43% employment rate while more than 70% are able to graduate from school.


But the Fountain House needs funding to operate, and that’s where Jeremy Goldstein comes in. The powerful New York lawyer is widely considered the best executive compensation lawyer in the country. He was a partner in a high-powered New York City law firm before founding his own firm.


His work has had him rubbing elbows with some of the richest people in the country. He has worked with companies like the Dow Chemical Company, United Technologies and Goldman Sachs. He has used his connections to raise money for the Fountain House by putting on a fancy wine dinner.


The cost of attendance was steep at this dinner where New York’s elites rubbed elbows. All proceeds went to Fountain House in order to help New York City’s mentally ill. Jeremy Goldstein and friends have provided dearly needed funding to this charitable organization.


Fountain House was created back in 1944 when the six founders met each other in a mental hospital. With help, they purchased a New York headquarters in 1948 and have been helping the mentally ill ever since.


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Jeremy Goldstein, Wine And A Fancy Dinner Help New York’s Mentally Ill

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