JustFab Expands Its Portfolio by Adding a Men’s Line in Its Collection

JustFab is top fashion Subscription Company that offers valuable lifestyle brands and apparels to its customers. Clients receive exclusive advice whenever they purchase handbags, shoes, jewelry and attires. The firm  sells its products at affordable prices and transportation is free for items exceeding $39.95. Initially formed in the U.S in 2010, the company has grown tremendously over the years and currently owns branches in France, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The company intends to add 5,000 new apparels to its online platform on April 1st 2015. In addition, JustFab majored in female attires but now shifts attention to adequately providing apparels for men. More importantly, the company specializes in fitness wear as more youths enroll in exercise programs.

Financial State of the Company

The company is financially stable as it recently acquired an $85 million funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Such a high income has elevated the company’s net worth to $ 1 billion. The firm’s Fabletics branch will take up the role of producing men’s wear and production is slated for release within the year. Furthermore, the new line covers both casual and gym wear.

Sales are projected to cross the $ 50 million mark this financial year as more customers are flocking the site. Ready-made attires will account for 30% of total sales. The firm intends to open up more shops in highly concentrated regions in an effort to ease congestion and expedite delivery of products to customers.

About Fabletics Inc.

The enterprise has been actively serving the needs of the urban population since 2013. Not only are youth purchasing fitness gear, but also the elderly in an effort to stay in shape. Fabletics aims at providing fashionable wear that can be incorporated into the corporate world. Hoodies and yoga pants have become common attires in the city. Not only are they fashionable, but also flexible to body size of customers.

Ressler’s Profile

Don Ressler is the co-Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of JustFab Inc. He collaborated with Adam Goldenberg to turn a small enterprise into a multinational corporation. Ressler also owns and manages Fabletics as a sole provider of sporting wear to clients. Fitness clothing were initially sold at ludicrous prices and only a handful could afford them. Furthermore, they lacked a fashionable taste and did not appeal to customers.

The two entrepreneurs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler spotted this gap in the market and effectively capitalized on it. Customers can now obtain fitness gear at an affordable price, courtesy of Fabletics. Ressler credits his wife as his main inspiration as the two were avid athletes in college.  Ressler intends to build stronger connections with customers and incorporate their taste and preferences in designed products.


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JustFab Expands Its Portfolio by Adding a Men’s Line in Its Collection

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