Ken Griffin and Achievements in the Financial World

Ken Griffin is a high profile professional, who has recorded massive achievements sin the financial world. His dedication and discipline has been critical to offering him the ability to handle different situations. He is also a mentor and a great family man. His life has been filled with research and the creation of different products that are geared towards offering alternative methods of managing a business. He is well educated professional with different skills in business, especially economics. Ken Griffins has also been described as a person who believes in possibilities, and this has allowed him to come up with ideas that seemed impossible to many.

Born in Daytona, Florida in 1968, Ken Griffin showed immense interest in learning about business concepts even at a tender age. He was always interested in stories that unearthed secrets that one could use to run a successful venture. While in high school, Ken Griffin was known to be among the most inquisitive students, especially when it came to business topics. He is always dedicated and focused to ensure his work comes to a perfect completion. This is not to mean he has not faced failures before. Instead of panicking, Ken Griffin took his failures as an advantage to make his skills better.

Ken Griffin joined the Harvard University, where he would pursue a degree in economics. He showed interest in running a business and while in his first year, he launched his idea of running a hedge fund. This is something he had been researching to know about for a long time. Going to university was seen as a great way to unlock his potential. He then came across an article in the Forbes magazine, which touched on different business ideas and how to successfully run a business while in campus. This was the point where he gained more motivation to make his idea into a reality.

Finding was something that had been a challenge to him for a long time, so he sought to raise some money to start his project off. His creativity and dedication came in handy as he was able to convince friends to contribute to the establishment of the business through the purchase of shares in the company. His bid went on successfully and was able to launch the business while in the second year. Ken Griffins spent most of his time doing research on ways he could stabilize the business to gain an international status. This was information he sought from all spheres, including different professors within the university. His success in running his business amazed many and drew admiration from different students, whom he inspired to start their own businesses.

Upon graduating from the university, he approached Frank Meyer, a prominent business person, who offered him financing for his new project. He received $1 million. This was a deal that would see a split of what he made from the business. In 1990, Ken Griffin founded Citadel, an international and well established hedge fund, which has stood to date as the best provider of financial services, holding more than $5 billion in investment capital.

Ken Griffin and Achievements in the Financial World

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