Ken Griffin Gives Back To Kids Just Like Him

Ken Griffin is a graduate of Harvard College, and he is a self-made billionaire who started his first fund while he was in college. He believes in the cause of higher education, and he is putting his money where his mouth is. A man with a total net worth of nearly six billion dollars can afford to give extravagant gifts to colleges, but giving $150 million for undergraduate tuition alone is something that must be noted for its amazing generosity.

#1: His $150 Million Gift

The $150 million gift given by Ken Griffin to Harvard College was made only for the undergraduates who attend the school. Ken only has his undergraduate degree, and he received that degree at Harvard while working on his first fund. The fund was built with money he borrowed, and he installed a satellite link in his dorm room with the help of the university. Harvard was more than accommodating to Ken, and he wanted to be accommodating in return.

#2: The Citadel Is Growing By Leaps And Bounds

Ken Griffin created a fund after he graduated called the Citadel, and the Citadel offers thousands of people jobs every year. Ken is growing the economy in Chicago, and his fund creates yet more opportunities for people to give back to their own schools. Ken believes in Harvard, and many of his employees believe in the schools they attended. Ken is creating a company that values giving back, and giving back to education is more powerful than anything he could do.

#3: Ken Griffin Keeps His Company As Streamlined As Possible

Ken Griffin has managed to create multiple funds within the Citadel that are able to invest billions of dollars a year. The clients who are investing in the funds from the Citadel, and the Citadel is creating more money for its clients than ever before. There are other companies who do not have one fund as powerful as anything offered by the Citadel, and the Citadel is creating cash that helps businesses, nonprofits and other companies thrive in the way they should.

#4: Where Will Ken Go Next?

Ken is a relatively young man, and he is going to continue to grow the Citadel to yet higher heights. These heights will likely allow Ken to give even more money to undergraduate education, and many more students will be able to get a quality education on the heels of what Ken did. Ken is a role model who puts his money where his mouth is, and the $150 million gift from Ken is likely only the beginning of what he will do to make the world a better place.

Kids who are not able to get the education they need will benefit from the generosity in Ken’s heart, and his gifts will continue to give to people who need them. He has built a massive company, and his massive company is helping people who would never have been able to go to the college they deserved to attend.

Ken Griffin Gives Back To Kids Just Like Him

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