Leading Online Reputation Management Firm is That Good

Since 2011, Status Labs has been making a name for themselves. It’s no surprise that Fortune 500 companies trust the company to create a good online profile. Simply because one mistake makes it into the open and onto social media platforms doesn’t mean that it must define someone’s life.

No one knows that better than Melissa Click. November 9th, 2015 is a date she will never forget, but not for the reasons some may expect. That was the day she was made an instant celebrity. A video of her from a protest days earlier made it online.

In that particular video, Click is heard calling for some “muscle” to remove a journalist from a student protest. She was at the University of Missouri, where she works, and trying to protect the student protest. At this time, the debate of whether or not some of the first amendment rights apply to certain situations was at the boiling point.

The video of Click made it boil over.

She spent three months in silence. Despite her silence, people around her constantly judged and voiced those judgments. Many lawmakers in Missouri want her to be fired, or to at least do herself some good, save some face, and resign. Even though many want her fired, she has already faced criminal charges. In particular, the charge given to her was third-degree assault. This is simply a misdemeanor, but it still carries harsh consequences for a misdemeanor.

If she avoids bad interaction with cops (IE she doesn’t get into more trouble for about a year), and does community service, she might be able to avoid being prosecuted by the journalist.

Enter Status Labs. Click broke her silence after three months, and this company is making headway in scrubbing her online presence of the video. Although she has defended her actions and her words via various interviews she has since given, the video is still a large negative presence in her online net.

Leading Online Reputation Management Firm is That Good

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