Leading the Gourmet Dog Food Market

The booming dog food market is fully saturated with sub-par, low-grade dog food. Dog owners have options for wet or dry dog food, nothing more — no bells and whistles, chef-quality flavors, or anything that even seems human-edible. Many dog food producers have recently started manufacturing dog food with gourmet ingredients, some going to lengths usually only taken for producing human-edible food.

Take Nutro Farm, for example: their line of Harvest brand dog foods are infused with fresh blueberries and cranberries. Cesar Home Delights’ line of gourmet dog food includes beef stroganoff and lasagna: not just stroganoff and lasagna flavored dog food, but genuine beef stroganoff lasagna.

Beneful, one of the many brands belonging to Purina, bring Chopped Blends and Prepared Meals to the gourmet dog food market. Prepared Meals are based on popular dishes such as beef stew and stir-fried medleys that we eat at restaurants, while Chopped Blends are cubes of top-notch vegetables and meats. Purina employees always test their gourmet Beneful dog foods every hour to ensure quality — few dog food producers can hold true to this claim.

Blue Buffalo, a brand solely dedicated to premium dog food, is the first gourmet dog food manufacturer to take its stock public. Although all gourmet dog food manufacturers aren’t exactly going public, high-quality dog food is undoubtedly trending.

Large business conglomerates have purchased rights to up-and-coming gourmet dog food producers’ companies, akin to Purina purchasing Merrick Pet Care, the only certified organic producer of dog food in the United States. Purina has led Beneful to the spotlight of the gourmet dog food market with premier meals composed of top-notch ingredients. Many Purina employees feed their own dogs Beneful dog food, pursuant to the heart-warming “I Stand Behind Beneful” commercials.

Beneful Baked Delights is the leading gourmet dog treat available in markets today. Beneful also produces dental hygienic-friendly treats to trick dogs into cleaning their stinky teeth. Most dog food owners have tried Beneful and swear by it, so see what the hype’s all about.



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