Let’s be comfy and fashionable, the trend everyone’s talking about.

Trend alert! Being leisurely athletic…the athleisure trend! Embracing sportswear has never been so…SEXY! Now, I know most of you are not going to want to kick aside those $150 heels and that cute little black dress you oh so love to wear, but this new trend is all about the look on http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos, and being comfortable on.

I know style is a hard thing to come by. With so many different types of personalities, it’s hard to choose which one is going to suit your personality to the fullest. I myself have gone through phase after phase, believing that I was doing it right and that I did in fact look my best. From my tomboy phase, to my goth phase, to my now forever work attire and not giving a damn phase, i’ll admit that it’s nice to throw on some heels, makeup, get my gucci purse and out the door with my cutie patootie! But in all honesty, most days, I look like a slob. I look like I just partied at some crazed kids music festival for 3 days, dipped myself in a pool, air dried myself and then decided I looked presentable because I just didn’t care.

The athleisure trend of Kate Hudson’s line may not be all about your heels and that super tight dress you’re trying to squeeze into every other weekend, but it’s more so about looking the part while also being fashionable. Gone are the days where wearing sporty clothes was just for that “grunge gym” look. Now, it’s a trend that’s taking over. With high celebrities like Kylie Jenner portraying the look every day, it’s no wonder that this has become such a fab look!

Styling this look isn’t as hard as one may think. You can actually find great style pointers at www.bustle.com. (it’s honestly a daily lifesaver!) When actually planning on working out and/or just doing errands for the day, I like to wear some basic leggings/joggers with a hoodie and sports bra. This give me the comfort of looking great while out and about and also manageable for working out in. When having weekend plans on corp.justfab.com after a long stressful work/ school week, I like to go for a more casual look. Leggings with a simple sweater top and a light coat keeps this look comfy and relaxed. Of Course I can’t forget about ladies night out!(We should have more of those, just my opinion) Of Course, I love my heels, but I typically take my heels off an hour or so into the night, which then leaves me barefoot dancing around with a million other people wearing heels… can we just have a moment of silence for my poor toes? Probably not the most sanitary position for my delicate feet to be in either. On these nights, I have found that pairing a rocking pair of sneakers with a simple dress is cause for a sexy style that’ll have you dancing all night and everyone will be envious of you and those sweet dance moves you can do.

Although it may take time to get use to switching out those beautiful, one of a kind heels for some tight sneakers, it’s definitely a trend that you want to be apart of. For more ideas and inspired outfits, this website called @Fabletics at Twitter (www.fabletics.com) has tons! And guess who the co-founder is? The all so stunning Kate Hudson. Signing up with¬†¬†thekrazycouponlady, you get a new style and collection every month. They also have limited addition prints! So basically, you sign up, take a little quiz to determine your ideal sports fashion, and then each month you get a surprise box with a beautiful outfit in it. Fabletics allows you to go pro at this athleisure trend thing without even having to think about it!


Let’s be comfy and fashionable, the trend everyone’s talking about.

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