Life Line Screening Now Offering Cardiovascular Screening

Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women. Even in cases where deaths were attributed to other causes, many cases were found to also have cardiovascular issues that might have contributed to the death. Life Line Screening now offers cardiovascular screening to encourage people to be aware of their heart health. This preventative healthcare company understands the powerful impact a little health knowledge can have on future significant cardiovascular events. These screens require little time, can be quickly completed and are absolutely painless. It has been found that people who undergo this cardiovascular screening are much more likely to make changes in their daily lives to prevent a future heart attack of other major cardiovascular event.

Life Line Screening makes it extremely easy for individuals to get screened for a large multitude of various health conditions. This preventative health tool is already changing how people feel about their health status. Even the individuals who did not test positive for any heart disease or significant risks were still more likely to also change their diets, exercise and other habits that are known factors in developing heart disease. Life Line Screening is able to test for a significant amount of health issues with just a simple finger stick blood sample. Most other heart and other disease testing using blood samples would require a more invasive blood draw from veins.

Most doctors encourage their patients to practice preventative health lifestyles. Eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and avoidance of smoking all can often ward off a major health incident such as a heart attack. Finding out the current status of the heart can help to motivate individuals to start taking better care of their health. Life Line Screening uses painless EKG readings to determine heart rhythm and gain some knowledge about the heart. Sonograms are also used to detect abdominal aortic aneurysms.

There are a number of factors that could potentially lead to heart disease. When at risk for cardiac problem patients determine to change unhealthy lifestyle habits, the likelihood of developing full blown cardiac disease can be drastically lowered. Life Line Screening delivers a myriad of various non-invasive health tests and screens to determine the presence of a disease. These simple screenings can also indicate genetic and lifestyle risk factors for cardiovascular problems and many more health conditions. Life Line Screening stays committed to delivering effective preventative tests.

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Life Line Screening Now Offering Cardiovascular Screening

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