Lung Institute Presents The Latest Information On Stem Cell Therapy

Jack Coleman, Jr., M.D. is a doctor at Lung Institute. He was present at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy. He gave a lot of inputs on the state of stem cell therapy in the US today.

He maintained that the responsibility of doctors at the Lung Institute is to give the best treatment to COPD patients in order to relieve their pain and suffering. It should be a safe treatment that can prolong the quality of their life. Read more about COPD and other lung diseases on

Dr. Coleman gave a lot if insight into the traditional procedure of introducing new medicine which can prove to be limiting for any new technology including stem cell therapy.

In fact, he feels that stem cell technology is going to reshape the way in which medicine is being practiced today in the U.S. He was concerned about the fact that even though we are aware of it, yet we are not taking action fast enough to change the traditional way of introducing any procedure, instrument or medication. These traditional methods need to be changed immediately as they are too slow, or too expensive. Besides, these are too cumbersome and may not even apply to the current scenario.

Dr. Coleman of Cedars-Sinai gave a presentation that depicted the current functioning as well as funding for research. He gave a complete detailing of the process of treatment being taken from the laboratory and going through clinical trials finally leading to treatment. There are many other aspects that he will be covering here. These include the regulation of these processes and their effect on time as well as the cost of making any new treatment or procedure available to patients. All this indicates that the present way of doing things is outdated. It is hindering progress.

Dr. Coleman with be speaking on behalf of the Lung Institute at The Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research. This event has been sponsored by The Pontifical Academy for Life of the Roman Catholic Church. There will be several other issues covered here, that will be specific to stem cell research and the good work being done at Lung Institute.

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Lung Institute Presents The Latest Information On Stem Cell Therapy

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