Many People Will Start Using Slyce

It was recently stated on Philadelphia Business Journal that the company Slyce has acquired SnipSnap. The latter company has always been about coupons and using them as one goes out and about shopping, and Slyce has made it into so much more than that. Slyce is all about doing big things for those who use its services, and everyone who has heard of the new SnipSnap and the things that can be done with it now are getting very excited.
Slyce has changed things up for SnipSnap and made it into an image recognition service that will help people to save money on any and every purchase that they make. When one wants to save a bit of money through the service all that they will need to do is to take a photo and ask a few questions. The photo of the product they are looking to purchase and the answered questions will then be used by Slyce to direct them to the retailer that is selling the same item for the lowest price.
With Slyce, people will now begin to save money on all kinds of purchases that they are making. The service offers everyone a very easy way of saving money, and the service makes shopping all the more exciting because of that. When one wants to know that they are getting the best deal on the kind of item that they have been looking for all that they will need to do is to get on the app and find out. That is a great thing, and many people are sure to start using Slyce because of that.


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