Marketing Executive Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a marketing executive who has established herself as one of the leading experts in helping businesses get the most out of their advertising campaigns. For a number of years she has managed numerous advertising firms that specialize in assisting major companies market themselves. Over the course of her career, she has provided both leadership and expertise in helping companies promote themselves more effectively. In terms of her leadership, Lori looks to always look to establish a collaborative effort between her staff and business clients when looking to formulate effective advertising campaigns. She emphasizes feedback, guidance an encouragement in order to help everyone reach a number of key goals during each marketing campaign. Lori Senecal also uses her knowledge of the marketing industry and what it takes to put together successful campaigns in order to help clients get the most out of their marketing efforts.

During her career in the marketing industry, Lori has spent time at a few major companies that are among the leading firms in the advertising industry. As of today she is the current chief executive officer of Global CP+B. As the CEO of this company, Lori coordinates advertising campaigns for large major corporations. Over the last few years, Lori has helped these companies get more exposure as well as generate higher profits. With Lori’s expertise, she has been able to assist many companies introduce new products as well as information that led to more customer satisfaction. Along with helping clients, Lori has managed CP+B very well to the point where it has grown in size and revenue. As a result, Lori’s career as a marketing executive stands out as among the most successful in the industry.

When it comes to her keys to success, Lori attributes it to her upbringing. Lori was the youngest child in her family and therefore believed that she had to find a way to stand out among her siblings. One of the ways in which she looked to stand out was to demonstrate leadership skills. During her life, Lori participated in activities that would allow her to lead and provide a good example for others. This carried over to her professional career in the marketing industry. She also believes that as a woman, she is able to understand the concerns and preferences of customers which can help her put together more effective marketing campaigns. Lastly, Lori eats a healthy diet and exercises in order to stay in good shape and preserve her well being. These have been a few of the things that has helped Lori become a top executive in the marketing industry. Follow her Twitter page to see more.

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Marketing Executive Lori Senecal

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