Mastering a Morning Routine For Travel

Everyone needs a morning routine for when they are traveling or staying at a friend’s house.Get inspired by the lovely Wengie on how to have a go-to routine for these occasions.

If you’re staying out a hotel then chances are the curtains are very thick and keep even the smallest ray of light. So when the alarm goes off, greet the day by opening up those curtains and letting the sun shine in!

Next, grab your bag of toiletries and head to the bathroom to take care of your face. Packing a light bag is ideal, so knowing what is essential to your routine is very important. Cleansing wipes are must have for facial care when traveling. Conveniently use a wipe to cleanse away dirt from the entire face. Follow this quick cleanse with an herbal toner and skin refining lotion.

Hotels often keep the temperature fairly low. It’s important to apply a moisturizing mask to your face if you are staying somewhere cold because the low temperature can easily dry out your skin. After removing the mask, rub in the remaining residue to lock some extra moisture into your skin!

Follow these steps by applying a cc moisturizer to brighten and moisturize your skin. Then use quick and easy makeup products wake-up the face, like concealer and cream eye shadow. Top off the look with eyeliner and waterproof mascara. To keep the look simple, complete it with a faint peach lip gloss. This look will have you feeling effortlessly elegant all day long!

Moving onto the hair, apply a little serum to the ends to add moisture. Yes, styling your hair can be that simple! Now you are ready to get dressed. Remember to always pack clothes that are comfortable and cute. You want to feel and look your best all at the same time! Grab a cup of coffee to put an extra kick in your step and you’re ready to begin your day.

Now you’ve got a simple, quick, and easy morning routine to use while traveling that will leave you feeling cute, classy, and confident!


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Mastering a Morning Routine For Travel

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