Nathaniel Ru and his Contributions at Sweetgreen

Many legacy restaurant companies wish to be similar to Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain that is backed by popular investors such as Danny Meyer, Steve Case and also Daniel Boulud.

The restaurant is popular in the current food industry and offers fresh, local, organic and healthy food to its customers. Sweetgreen has 40 locations and has attracted many customers who keep long lines just to have a taste of their delicious recipes.

Nathaniel Ru who works at Sweetgreen as the Chief Executive Officer states that they are building a brand that represents something. He adds that they want to feed better food to more people.

The founders of Sweetgreen met at the Georgetown University and have also been tech pioneers. Approximately 30% of transactions at Sweetgreen are conducted through its mobile application or website.

According to Nathaniel Ru, technology has always been a part of their DNA. The three co-founders of the restaurant chain have also been rethinking the management strategies.

In order to stay close to its customers, the corporate office of Sweetgreen almost completely closed five times each year for each person to work in the restaurants. Recently, Sweetgreen opened offices in Los Angeles and it operates with no main headquarters.

Nathaniel Ru states that they don’t believe in large corporate headquarters but instead focuses on decentralizing their headcount. Apart from Nathaniel Ru, the other co-CEOs of Sweetgreen are Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman.

The three partners are all first-generation immigrants and all their parents established their own businesses.

After realizing that the area of Georgetown did not have healthy eating options, the three co-founders of Sweetgreen made that their main focus when they launched their first restaurant in 2007.

Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of the Georgetown University where he acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 2007. He is also the principal of the SWTLF Ventures. He has served as the CEO of Sweetgreen for more than ten years and has therefore acquired massive skills and expertise in the food industry. He attributes his success with Sweetgreen to passion, discipline and hard work.

Together with his co-partners at Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru has steered Sweetgreen to acquire massive success and growth. He serves as a mentor to young and upcoming entrepreneurs who wish to enter in the industry of food and hospitality. Nathaniel Ru lives in New York and has invested in 3 other companies apart from Sweetgreen.

Nathaniel Ru and his Contributions at Sweetgreen

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