New York Native Alex Paul, a Legendary DJ in the Making

Alex Pall is one half of the power duo, hit making group called The Chainsmokers. The two practiced DJs, which include Andrew Taggert, made a huge splash onto the electric dance music scene with their popular single “Selfie” which came out in 2014. Within a few short months, the producer duo, shot up to the top of the Billboard charts, and gained a cult like following through social media. The Chainsmokers were now deejaying sold out events in open arenas which sometimes massed over thousands of people in attendance. In 2013ish, Taggert, a Syraques University graduate, met Pall, a graduate of New York University, and the two began deejaying at different clubs and events while producing music in their spare time. Since pairing up, the duo have been making the right moves and connections to solidify their standing in the industry.

In an interview with Abc’s Nightline news, Pall explained the thought process behind the naming of the band. “At the time of conception, it was totally just like I was like in college, you know, enjoyed smoking weed, and you know it was just like such a like ‘Yeah the domain [is] open’, I don’t have to have any like underscores” said Pall, after which Taggert chimed in “Ah, it’s just a name”. Alex Pall also talks about his creativity in terms of music and has openly expressed he makes the kind of music he likes. At the end of the day, Pall says The Chainsmokers don’t factor in things like whether or not anyone can dance to their music or if the song will be very popular, they simply aim to create music that is aligned with what they enjoy and like.

The Chainsmokers have long featured various female vocalists like Alexis Killacam, and popular songstress Halsey, to give their music a catchy, lyrical vibe. In addition to featuring different vocalists, the duo is also pairing up with eclectic directors to bring it’s fan base new videos which present eye candy and tell a story. In one of their recent videos, “You Owe Me”, the video, directed by Rory Kramer, features a curious version of The Chainsmokers sitting down at a dinner party with unsuspecting friends. What happens next in the video, has watchers in amazement and awe.

The Chainsmokers are travelling the world, living the dream life of famous musicians and will continue making music for not only their fans, but themselves as well.

New York Native Alex Paul, a Legendary DJ in the Making

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