NGP VAN is Revolutionizing Canvassing

While technology has made the sharing of information much easier over the past elections, the makers of NGP VAN still put a lot of importance on efforts such as door to door canvassing. Not only can canvassers share the information about their candidate with voters in a more memorable way by being able to speak to them face to face, they are also able to gather information about them beyond just basic voter statistics. In order for a campaign to be successful, it’s important to know exactly what issues are concerning the voters in different regions so these can be addressed by the candidates involved.


NGP VAN is the software that has been behind many of the progressive and democratic campaigns in the last decade or so including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It has allowed the campaigns to collect and analyze data in a more efficient way with more meaningful results. While much of this is done digitally it has helped process door-to-door canvassing as well. NGP VAN can be used to help assign canvassing areas to make the leg work put it as effectively as possible.

The ability to participate in a democracy is something many people take for granted, particularly those who are satisfied with the rights that they currently have. Some people tend to have a sense of apathy towards politics as they don’t think they can make a difference. NGP VAN hopes to change this point of view to show every potential voter that their opinion and vote does in fact matter.


In an era of politics where more and more people feel the need to resist against what is going on in the Trump administration, NGP VAN is being used as a powerful tool to organize efforts of social advocacy. Social media is not just for sharing personal pictures and stories, it’s being used to share information and collect data about what the people in the United States are concerned about. One of the most notable changes in the program itself is the inclusion of non-binary pronouns to give those in the LGBT community a sense of inclusiveness.



NGP VAN is Revolutionizing Canvassing

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