North American Spine – A Leader In Minimum Invasive Spinal Surgery

From the very early days of spine surgery, a procedure known as “open surgery” was used. In this operation, the surgeon traditionally makes a long incision of three to six inches to give the surgeon a clear view of the spinal area needing medical treatment.
Technological advances in recent years, however, have allowed doctors to complete spinal surgery with a very small-size incision usually no larger than half an inch. The procedure, known as Minimum Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS), minimizes the risk of damaging muscles that surround the spine. A special tool called a tubular retractor is inserted into a tiny skin incision and down through the soft tissues to the spinal column to conduct fusion and spinal decompression procedures. In additional to reducing collateral damage to the muscles, the MISS procedure also reduces the recovery pain and makes for a faster healing after surgery.
Typically spine surgery is recommended only after nonsurgical treatments like medication and physical therapy have not succeeded reducing the patient’s back problems. Spinal surgery is never recommended unless the doctor can determine the exact cause of the back pain.
One of the leaders in the treatment of back problems is North American Spine based in Dallas, Texas. Their surgeons are trained specialists in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Pain Management. By making only a very small incision and using their exclusive AccuraScope Procedure, their surgeons can conduct spinal surgeries in as little as 45minutes to correct back problems. With over 8,000 AccuraScope spinal operations on record at a 82% success rate, very high in the field of spinal surgery, the company also prides itself in providing their services at an extensive cost saving for their patients. Analyzing the typical expenditures over a five-year period including reduced doctor visits,medications and physical therapy sessions, North American Spine estimates their patient save an average of over $23,000 each.
Besides being a leading spinal surgery center, North American Spine reviews show that they also excel in educating school students at the elementary level of the importance of physical fitness and how it relates to the spine. Recently the company donated 50 yoga mats to the Dallas School system to encourage schools to implement regular exercise sessions for their students.
Because of community involvement and programs such as this, North American Spine has been named a finalist for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award for 2015.


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