North American Spine Offers Low-Risk Spinal Care Treatment with Excellent Success Rate

North American Spine is leading the United States in minimally invasive spinal care. With five locations throughout North America, North American Spine is working to help as many people as possible find treatment for back pain.
North American Spine uses a holistic, conservative approach to help their patients find the most appropriate care for their specific need.Their approach is based on the idea that people suffering from back pain should use treatments in increasing levels of invasiveness and risk. This is what they refer to as “Continuum of Care.” For example, North American Spine might recommend that patients begin treatment with low-risk measures, such as diet and exercise changes. If that fails, patients can attempt physical therapy or chiropractic care. The next step might be traditional measures such as steroid injections or medications. If all of these measures fail, Northern American Spine procedures may be the next best step. These treatments are conservative and minimally invasive. The physicians working for North American Spine are spine experts with training in orthopedic spine surgery, neurosurgery, or interventional pain management.
North American Spine’s flagship procedure is the AccuraScope procedure, which is a minimally invasive spine surgery that lasts less than 45 minutes. Over 8,000 of these procedures have been conducted by North American Spine with an 82 percent success rate. North American Spine states that this procedure will save patients about $23,190 in out-of-pocket costs over five years by lowering the costs they would have had to pay for medical visits and medications if they had chosen another treatment method.
After recently being acquired by Nobilis Health, North American Spine will also now offer the CuraSpine and SecuraSpine procedures. These procedures, along with the AccuraScope procedure, coincide with North American Spine’s mission because they have smaller incisions than traditional surgery, as well as lower risks of complications and quicker recovery times.
The success of North American Spine in treating patients is evidenced by recent media coverage. For example, the practice was recently featured on Dallas’ CW 33, and the AccuraScope procedure was featured on “The Doctors” television show and the “Good Morning Texas” television show. Additionally, North American Spine reviews make it easy to know that they are a finalist for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award in 2015.
North American Spine is also involved in the community. Recently representatives from North American Spine gave over 50 free yoga mats to students in a local preschool in honor of Yoga Recess Day. The idea was to educate and inspire children at a young age to work on muscle development that could help prevent future back problems.
North American Spine’s diversified and conservative approach has helped thousands of patients in the past, and the two new procedures in their repertoire will only help even more patients.

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