OSI Group: Leading In Meat Manufacturing

OSI Group has time and again shown the world that they are the company to beat when it comes to the industry of meat production and manufacturing. Founded in the 1900s, the company has grown beyond what its founders first envisioned for it. Today, OSI Group stands as one of the top 100 meat producers in the entire country and stands in a prominent position, even among international giants. The company made a massive leap in the 1950s when it becomes the primary supplier of meat products to all of the Mcdonald’s restaurants located across the country.

Through the years, OSI Group has undergone a number of changes that have improved the overall workings of the company. Right from the name change that took place in 1929 to the deal signed with Mcdonald’s in 1955, OSI has always managed to identify the scope that is prevalent in the market and formulates ways in which they can capitalize on the growing demands and needs of the industry and the customers. Even though OSI started out as a shop that offered high-quality meats, through sheer perseverance and adapting, it has turned into a company that sets the standards in the industry.

Recently, the company decided to embark on a number of developmental ventures that would help it with its expansion, and which would aid them in reaching newer positions in the international meat production industry. This plan was mainly formulated by the leading men at the company, Sheldon Lavin, and David McDonald. After spending years working with the company, they knew that it was time to take OSI to the next level to indeed make the company an international leader.

One of the first areas that the company decided to develop was in the machinery and processes that were being used for the production that took place. Manufacturing units of this size are known to produce a certain amount of pollutants that can harm the environment, which is why its leaders decided that it was time to implement environment-friendly machinery and processes. The company also achieved some measures for proper waste management to take care of the trash that is produced in the manufacturing processes.

Since the company has outlets all over the world, OSI Group decided to focus on them one at a time to ensure that they do the best job in terms of its development. One of the first manufacturing units that the company decided to develop was the one located in Spain. During the past two years, the demand for meat products and other edibles that OSI Group produces has gone up significantly, which is why the team at OSI realized that this would be the perfect place to take on their developmental projects and expand their market reach.

Because of the development that took place in the manufacturing units in Spain, several new positions were opened up within OSI Groups ranks. This proved to be an excellent opportunity for those who are looking for jobs and want to work for an internationally acclaimed company.

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OSI Group: Leading In Meat Manufacturing

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