OSI Industries Takes Pride In Safety

OSI Industries was awarded the Globe of Honor Award for 2016 by the British Safety Council. The award recognizes management within an organization that is providing an exemplary safety environment. Drapers Hill played host to the ceremony in London on November 25th. Eighteen other organizations along with OSI were given the honor. Organizations are required to maintain a 5-star level of excellence under the guidelines of the British Safety Council’s environment management audit scheme. The award focuses on safety conditions throughout every aspect of the business. This includes the industrial areas and the office rooms.

OSI executives are no stranger to implementing strict quality insurance policies in order for their employees to have premiere working conditions. There’s a sophisticated process of checks and balances in place that ensures that each person is held accountable for the type of work that they produce. OSI’s quality assurance program is designed to make sure everyone within its international operation is held to the same standard.

OSI’s tremendous growth has forced it to increase awareness about every aspect of how the business operates. The food manufacturing giant recently acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that specializes in deli meats, convenience foods and serving snacks. OSI was looking to cast a broader influence in the European region. Baho Foods brings a unique set of strengths that add to the capabilities of its huge operation. Baho Foods also has subsidiary companies in the Netherlands and Germany. Its leadership team will remain intact and work with executives at OSI Industries to create smooth transition between the two companies.

Tyson Foods was added to the OSI team for the amount of 7.4 million dollars. Tyson Foods is a longtime operator in the food manufacturing business and was prepared to close its doors until OSI Industries stepped in to keep the company running. It was estimated that 480 jobs would have gone away if Tyson Foods closed. OSI’s actions prevented such an unemployment depletion. Roughly 200 employees remained at the time of the acquisition. Many of them were offered employment with the OSI team.

OSI aquired another European food manufacturer known as Flagship Food Group. Flagship Food Group specializes in poultry, sous vide equipment and Oliver James pies. They also provide an assortment of sauces dressings and mayonnaise. Flagship Food Group had been making efforts to widen its influence within the European region. The company made its own acquisitions, which included Calder Foods. Calder Foods is a supplier of marinade, sauces, dips and sandwich fillings.

OSI Group Info: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

OSI Industries Takes Pride In Safety

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