Paul Mampilly and Analyst Talents

Paul Mampilly is an investor and author who is known by many people for his work with a famed investment network called “Banyan Hill Publishing.” He’s a publishing field professional who has significant experience in many arenas. He calls himself a genuine investment specialist who comes up with many concepts independently. Profits Unlimited is one of Mampilly’s major loves right now. It’s a newsletter that delves into investment. It comes out on a monthly basis, too. He started it in early June of 2016. Banyan Hill Publishing is the website that hosts it. Visit to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Mampilly established a company that he calls Capuchin Consulting. He’s been working for it since the beginning of 2013. Capuchin Consulting, in a nutshell, is a full-service consulting agency that he began out of the desire to give people distinctive investment openings. He accommodates individuals who invest professionally.

Paul Mampilly had employment with Stansberry Research. He was an analyst and author with the company. He was in charge of The Professional Speculator as well. He remained with Stansberry Research from early 2015 all the way into the end of the year. He exited it in December. The Professional Speculator was the name of a service that went into stock advisory matters. It concentrated on stocks that were speculative. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampilly also has done a lot of work for Agora Financial as an analyst and author. He wrote for FDA Trader. This was a franchise that revolved around life sciences and biotechnology. Since he functioned as a director, he offered new concepts that related to investment subjects. He did a lot of studying. He offered publications that were part of Agora Financial a lot of insight, too.

Common Sense Publishing is yet another company that has been involved with Paul Mampilly. He was an analyst and author for it as well. He stayed with Common Sense Publishing from the fall of 2011 into the winter of 2012. He offered investment suggestions that catered to four different newsletters. The company had a stock newsletter that was accessible each month. It gave its attention to dividend growth stocks, book value and more.

Mampilly has studied at numerous prominent schools in the United States. He studied finance at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in New York, New York. He studied finance at Montclair University in Montclair, New Jersey. He even did some learning at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.


Paul Mampilly and Analyst Talents

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