Paul Mampilly’s journey from Wall Street to mainstream

According to Paul Mampilly, the tech industry is the best industry to invest in at the moment with the robotics evolution that seems to spread beyond every sector by the day. Being a former Wall Street insider, Paul is the best guru to take investment advice from.

Paul Mampilly at Wall Street

Paul Mampilly began his career back in 1991. The greater part of his early career was working on Wall Street for the one percent. His first employment was at Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio Manager. His performance in the company was so tremendous that soon other big companies were planning to recruit him. Soon he landed a position at Deutsche Bank where he was put in charge of accounts worth millions of dollars. ING also hired him for the same reason. He became a sought-after asset that every large corporation wanted to get. In 2006, he was scouted by Kinetics Assets Management firm; firm worth billions of dollars that put him in charge of their entire hedge fund. During his tenure, he managed to raise the company’s worth form an impressive 6 billion dollars to a whopping 25 million dollars. This led to the company being named by Barron’s like the World’s greatest hedge fund. Paul Mampilly made a reputation turning to multiply the wealth of the one percent. Eventually, the guilt of enriching the richer caught up with him and he opted out of Wall Street and sought a career that would allow him to help the everyday investor as well.

Paul Mampilly after Wall Street

After decades in Wall Street, Paul decided to put his advice for investors into writing that would help people make sure investments. He has worked for financial research publishing companies like Stansberry Research where he was an editor for the Professional Speculator Newsletter. He also came up with his own research companies like Cappuccino Group in which he worked as a writer and an editor amidst running other companies of its like. He currently works as a senior editor at Bayan Hill, a job he got in 2016. He is the editor and the founder of the Profits Unlimited Newsletter. He also managed True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes’ trading companies that he founded.

About Paul Mampilly:

Paul Mampilly’s journey from Wall Street to mainstream

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