People With Chronic Lung Diseases Rarely Hear About Stem Cell Therapy Except For On Facebook

With regenerative medicine, doctors regenerate or replace damaged cells in the body, as opposed to treating symptoms with medications or devices, such as oxygen tanks that help people breathe easier. While regenerative medicine seems like an obviously better option, physicians rarely refer their patients with chronic lung diseases, who might be candidates for regenerative stem cell therapy, for evaluation at a clinic offering the procedure. The fact is, not all physicians understand stem cell therapy, since it is a cutting-edge option that isn’t taught in medical schools yet. Not everyone is a candidate; however, the Lung Institute offers complimentary reviews for people with chronic lung conditions who are tired of dragging an oxygen tank along with them wherever they go.

The Lung Institute uses their patient’s own stem cells for treatment; therefore, there is no chance of rejection. It’s a relatively, safe, minimally invasive procedure, nevertheless, not all clinics offering stem cell therapy offer the same transparency as the Lung Institute, which publishes outcomes data and encourages potential patients to discuss the procedure with their physician.

On the Lung Institute’s Facebook page and’s testimonials page, you will find glowing reviews from satisfied patients who say that stem cell therapy changed their life. Others have questions about whether they would be good candidates for the procedure; the Lung Institute suggests that they call a patient coordinator at the nearest location to request a free assessment. While according to Supplement Police, the Lung Institute may do an assessment over the phone if necessary, individuals who elect to have stem cell therapy at the clinic would have to have it done at one of their five convenient locations in Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh or Dallas.

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