Pittsburgh Steelers Hire Expert to Susan McGalla For Clothing Campaign

Susan McGalla started out the marketing. She earned a degree in the field, and she has kept rising up in the ranks. In corporate America she has been recognized for her ability to break down walls in corporate structure, and she is still making moves today. The Steelers have hired McGalla as the strategic director, and she is working her magic with the clothing campaign for this team. McGalla is a genius when it comes to getting the attention of consumers. She has been able to transition from one CEO role to another. She has even owned a branding and consulting business of her own. This has essentially certified her as a business marketing professional. She has experience that spans more than 2 decades so it is easy for her to put the proper strategies in place to take the sports clothing line to another level. Susan has soaked in the business world, and her campaign is bound to give way to a new wave to fans that are interested in representing their teams. There are discreet sweaters for the undercover Pittsburgh Steelers fans that cannot wear a whole lot of fan gear at work. There are hats and bold t-shirts for the fans that want to come to NFL games with gear that lets people know that you are an undeniable Pittsburgh Steelers fan. That is what Susan McGalla has managed to do. She has stood at the top as a president of a clothing company, and she has managed to build up a resume that is quite impressive. The clothing campaign has been a highlight of her career, but she has always been able to lead with a high level of effectiveness. It is very easy to see how she could have been selected as director of strategic planning. She has a history of successfully boosting sales. She has been in role where she has had to change organizational structure to make room for new clothing lines. McGalla on has been able to trim budgets and restructure companies. Her clothing campaign is another great chapter in her marketing career.


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