Renown Opens New Clinic

For the past few years, one of the leading healthcare providers in Nevada has been Renown Health. While the company already has a strong reputation in providing healthcare to residents, it now appears to be expanding even further.The company just announced that they will opening a new clinic at The Summit Mall, which is a shopping mall in South Reno, NV. The new clinic will take up to 10,000 square feet of storefront space, which was previously occupied by a few different fashion retailers. The new location should provide several different advantages to both the clinic and customers.

One of the main advantages of the new clinic is that it will be very convenient. The South Reno Summit Mall is already located within walking distance or a short drive of hundreds of thousands of people. This will provide an excellent convenient location for anyone that needs a primary care provider.The focus of the new clinic will likely be very similar to other clinics that are operated by the company. At this time, Renown Clinic expects that the new clinic will provide general practice and primary care services.

However, there will be enough space for the clinic to be flexible about services to provide in the future. The clinic will likely wait for a period of time to decide which additional services they will provide, based on expected changes to the healthcare laws.Renown Health is best known for being a full-service medical care provider. While the new clinic will provide excellent service to the local customers, it is just the latest addition to the clinic’s portfolio. Renown Health currently has over a dozen clinics located around the state and has strong affiliations with four different hospitals and doctor groups located anywhere from Reno down to the Las Vegas metro area.Also visit:,-NV-jobs.html

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