Roberto Santiago: A Story of Success

Roberto Santiago is the best businessman in the country of Paraiba plus he’s one of a few of Brazil’s most renowned entrepreneurs. He’s the proprietor and director of Manaira retail complex, situated in his hometown of Joao Pessoa. The mall is now the recreation and entertainment center for the state of Paraiba. But, Mr. Roberto Santiago’s history to victory informs us more of his own determination, qualitative and qualitative skill compared to his present victory.


He also attended an excellent university where he earned his excellent education. In order to meet his thirst for public attention and success in the business world, he organized and started Cartonnage Company; he also started attempting to sell cartons made from cardboard. The business climbed to new heights and generated several cosmetic products.


When his cartonnage firm began making gains, Roberto Santiago chose to buy real estate. The option would be among the best he ever made in building his own portfolio for a business man. It was his decision to purchase and develop land. This is the popular notion of why Manaira Shopping Theater was first born. He also bought the property for malls in 1987 and assembled it in a couple of short years. Back in 1989 the mall was been started and climbed into its present level of success.


The Manaira Retail Complex was constructed on a massive plot of property in the town of Joao Pessoa and it has 280 stores. The most striking feature about this mall is its own flexibility. Besides this, various shopping stores, it’s a concert hall, theatre, food court, gambling area, a gymnasium, finance institutions and also has office space. It’s no wonder; it’s such a superior standing from their country of Paraiba.

Mangeira was the second mall that Roberto produced. Together with both of these malls, he’s contributed to advancing the social and financial facets of the metropolis. Besides being centers of family entertainment and fun, the 2 malls employ tens of thousands of natives. Even the existence of the malls has cause a rise in the purchase price of property in the spot. More over, many corporations and companies have moved into the metropolis.


The economic meltdown of 2015 analyzed the genius of Roberto Santiago’s investment. When several businesses of this market were still crashing, the departmental stores weren’t influenced. The recognized strength with this section of the market has caused it to be bought by lots of traders. Mr. Santiago states that he intends to keep on growing, re-inventing and improving expansion in leisure, tour and sales centers.

Roberto Santiago is an excellent entrepreneur and his story exemplifies the standard of tenacity that it takes to be successful in the vicious marketplace.


Roberto Santiago: A Story of Success

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