Rocketship Education Hopes To Bring An End To School Inequality

The need for a higher standard of public school education has been highlighted by the founder of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith in a recent article. The former public school teacher explained the problem of inequality between low-income families and those in other social classes has been on his mind for a number of years and played a role in promoting the establishment of Rocketship Education; inequality has seen low-income communities options for education shrink in the last few decades as the gap between rich and poor continues to grow.

Rocketship Education has been created in a bid to make sure the kind of school educators would wish to send their own children to are found in San Jose and much of the U.S. Preston Smith believes the Rocketship Education schools he has established are among the most impressive in San Jose and the parts of Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. the charter schools network has expanded into; both of Preston Smith’s children attend Rocketship Education schools and he believes the knowledge he sends his own offspring to his school makes a difference in the confidence level families have in his schools.

Charter schools are often accused of ignoring the issues of inequality and educational issues of students of color but Rocketship Education has been seeking different ways of addressing the issue of African-American students needing Rocketship Education schools in their communities. One way of inspiring change across the nation is to make sure the communities many low-income students come from are represented in all Rocketship Education charter schools are represented as educators, staff members, and students.

The inclusive nature of Rocketship Education has now been held up as a standard-bearer for the public school system. Upon being established by Preston Smith and John Danner, Rocketship Education was created as a part of the San Jose public school system. Providing high-performing public schools as part of the network of charter schools has become the main area of concern for Rocketship Education as the network steps onto the national stage bringing K-5 charter schools to the nation’s capital.

Rocketship Education Hopes To Bring An End To School Inequality

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