Ross Abelow: Bringing Winter Help to Four-Legged Friends

Nobody likes to see stray animals out in the cold in wintertime. It is on of those things that tug at the heart strings. Ross Abelow, a New York City lawyer, has put together a fundraiser to help keep animals out of the cold. This fundraiser aims to raise five thousand dollars to be donated to area animal shelters. The funds will be used to contribute to essential things such as blankets medical care and food. The fundraiser is meant to help keep strays from dying and have as many as possible kept safely in shelters until they can be adopted.

After graduating with a law degree in nineteen eighty nine from Brooklyn Law School He became licensed to practice law in New York the next year. He has since focused his practice on families and family law. He also specializes in commercial litigation and entertainment law. His twenty six year career was a lead up to his current partnership in the Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. law firm. His love for people and families is the inspiration to get involved in the community with plans such as the winter fundraiser for animals that might not otherwise survive.

As well as being a community oriented family lawyer, Ross Abelow maintains a presence on the internet. He keeps up with social media such as Facebook and maintains a blog personally. The blog focuses primarily on financial and legal issues. He also uses spare time to submit posts to other well known legal blogs such as Crown Point New York. The fundraiser itself and additional information about it can be found online at its page on GoFundMe.

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