Sanjay Shah Brings New Faces To Autism Rocks Charity

The Autism Rocks charity according to has recently added two new trustees to its board as the charity anticipates 2016 being another major year of activities and fund raising, Sunday Times reports. The charity has been a major supporter of research into autism since 2014 under the leadership of Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah; the charity has expanded greatly since its foundation prompting Shah to appoint Pete and Will Best to the position of trustees in a move designed to take advantage of their specific skills.
Autism Rocks is headquartered in London, which is the city Sanjay Shah spent the majority of his career working in as a financial expert; after abandoning his medical studies while at university Shah made his way to the city to begin a career as an investment expert at globally renowned institutions. The financial expert continued in roles with major banks and investment groups until 2009 when he was faced with a decision between forming his own company or continuing with life as a broker in London.

The decision to form Solo Capital according to Company Check UK, took shape in 2009 when Sanjay Shah decided he wished to see more of his family by creating his own company. Headquartered in London, Solo Capital has been a success story from the outset, particularly in the fields of asset and investment management. The company has looked to find a team of experienced professionals to offer clients the best possible service to protect and enhance their funds.

Sanjay Shah of Solo Capital decided to embark upon his journey with the Autism Rocks charity in a bid to fund research into autism being completed at Cambridge University following his own son’s diagnosis with the neurological condition. After a string of intimate, invitation only performances by music legends since 2014 the charity has grown to become an important donor for autism research. Pete and Will Best bring two sets of very different skills to the charity, but both brothers can provide the group with a boost for the future. Pete Best provides a long history of excellence in the financial sector coupled with recent moves into philanthropy; in contrast, Will Best offers Autism Rocks an in depth knowledge of the music business and marketing that has seen him become one of the best known faces in the U.K. music industry.


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