Secrets Behind the Success of Adam Sender as an Art Collector

Adam Sender has been involved in the field of art collection for more than 20 years. He started out as a hedge fund manager before channeling his attention into the field of art collection. Sender achieved a lot of success as a hedge fund manager but the success could not be compared to the remarkable achievements that he had registered in art collection. Adam Sender has sold pieces for over $ 20 million and he expects to sale more when he offloads 400 works done by 139 artistes. This process will be done in a period of 18 months and the activity is expected to create revenue of over $70 million.

Creating such revenue is no mean fit, considering that it takes a substantial amount of time to assemble the different pieces of art. Sender’s approach is based on long-term focus. Through such a strategy, Sender is able to get the best pieces of art over a long period. Any budding art collector should use this approach because it ensures a rich collection. Most a times, Adam Sender purchases his work of art from established artistes and from those that are about to blow out. This is a system has been beneficial to him thus his utilization of the process. The works of established artistes are easily recognizable and largely, they guarantee him of value.
Adam Sender believes in making great choices when acquiring any piece of art. It requires high levels of intelligence for one to come up with a coherent collection of art. This is because of the time that it takes and the various pieces that one has to deal with, from several artistes. It needs one to work with experienced people in order to advice them and enable them make the right choices. These advises are crucial especially if the people are starting out. Sender can easily recognize the best pieces of art from a collection of hundreds within no time. His expertise in collection of art has boosted his ability to know the art that has more value compared to others.

According to Sender, for one to become a successful art collector, one requires to do a proper research in order to comprehend about the world of art. Such an understanding will enable an individual identify the areas of art that he or she is good at by concentrating on such strengths. Whether a collector is doing it for fun or money, it is important to be knowledgeable. Sender notes that one should know about different markets of art and prices. This knowledge aids an individual to avoid overpaying for the works of art. It is important to acquire any piece at the right price in order to avoid losses. For the first time, starting art collectors may overpay but with time, they become more sophisticated. This is after understanding the complex matters involved in art collection.


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