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Providing Criminal Justice and Civil Technology for Safety Through Inmate Communication Software

Securus Technologies is leading with superior analytical tools in corrections. They lead and deliver highly advanced “Big Data” analytical tools. Securus is a solid provider of exceptional technology, this technology is intended to provide safety for the public. They have just made further advancements in their technology. Securus strives to exceed expectations. They have made the announcement of the release of THREADS 3.1. This is the most advanced analytical tool that is currently in the U.S. Corrections market. This is fully integrated “Big Data” that is highly advanced in every way.

The THREADS 3.1 Release Allows for Direct Integration

The release of this superior, patented upgrade will allow for direct integration. The 3.1 does upgrade the software platform, this is from Silverlight to HTML5. This will allow for the direct integration. This is between other Securus products, including Secure Call Platform used for inmate phone calls. Securus has developed this astute software tool that is an easier-to use interface. This tool does not require large amounts of training. It does offer the following:
* focused leads to the investigator
* highly actionable intelligence
* the ability to listen to inmate phone calls
* guided real-time analysis
* customized printing and mapping
* context-sensitive reports
This is an upgraded investigative solution that is being offered to the existing customers at no charge.

Criminal Justice Solutions

Securus Technologies is indeed the leader of the civil and criminal justice excellence and solutions. The advanced technology will only increase the overall public safety. The technology includes:
* investigation
* advanced technology solutions
* video search and video visitation monitoring
* more
Innovative solutions that lead to information that is critical. Securus has a solid commitment to the upgrades that provide an up-to-date and modern incarceration experience. That’s why they’ve recently extended their staff by hundreds of people to ensure the best services possible for their customers. Register for Securus products here.

Securus Leading with Technology Solutions

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