Shafik Sachedina’s Experience at the Sussex Health Care Company

Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon with experience in dental surgery. He studied at Guy’s Hospital medical and dental school in the University of London and earned Shafik Sachedina’s qualifications in 1975. Dr. Shafik was born in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania in 1950. He later moved to England where he settled and became a British National. Currently, he is a joint chairman of the Sussex Health Care company. The company dedicates its efforts in providing care to homes and support services that are based in Sussex County, South England. Shafik Sachedina also holds some positions in different healthcare companies. Dr. Shafik Sachedina Contributions To Sussex Health Care And Nursing Home.

The Sussex Health Care Company has been operational for more than two decades and provides care to the elderly and adults in need of other specialized care. It operates various facilities across the Coast of South of England. The joint chairmanship of Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani provides the facilities with the right skills to run the establishments. Dr. Shafik has a background in the medical and dental field, while Mr. Shiraz has experience managing hotels. The combined workforce has contributed to making a vibrant and award-winning care network for adults and the elderly.

The first Sussex HealthCare facility was opened in 1985. Since then, 20 more facilities have been put under the company’s umbrella. They include a day-care center and a state-of-the-art gym coupled with full care residential houses. The company provides full live-in facilities for seniors living with Alzheimer’s or dementia and also for adults who suffer from neurological disorders and cognitive issues. The Healthcare is well suited for people who need more specialized care as well as those whose needs may be limited.

Sussex Healthcare facilities do not only focus on the quality of physical health of its members but strive to ensure that they maintain lives worth living. Shafik Sachedina is also a member of the Ismaili Community and serves as the head of department at the Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan. He is also a member in the Aga Khan Development Network Committee, Chairman of the Focus Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee and a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. Previously, he served as president of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom.

About Shafik Sachedina:

Shafik Sachedina’s Experience at the Sussex Health Care Company

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